Litter box solution!

I was having trouble with my cat not squatting when she pees. It would hit the back of the litter box, drip down the lid and leak into the bathtub. I was always smelling urine and having to clean the bathtub. This storage container turned into a litter box has solved that problem! It is so tall that when it drips there isn't any place for it to leak out of. We both love it!

Black cat, silly myth.

I have a lovely, almost all black, Tortie cat and we all love her so much. Some black cats are overlooked at shelters because of silly myths, especially in October. Cats should be adopted because of their personality, not their colorings.

Litter box issues with my cat

My cat has a litter box similar to this one. She always pees in the back of the box and it always leaks out and into the bath tub, that holds the litter box. I don't know if she is not squatting to pee? With the overhang of the lid, it just escapes. It has been so frustrating for me to have to clean up so often. Can anyone else relate? I might have to look into a different type of box. Any suggestions?

Cat behavior

I volunteer one day a week at a Humane Society taking care of cats. I am amazed at the social pecking order among animals. There is usually one dominant cat in each room. There are some cats that are food hoarders and don't like to share. There is one cat that was feral; which means she was found outside. She hated her tail or backside being touched. She has been there about five months and now and finally someone can touch her tail or back side without being scratched or bitten. Some cats like to sit next to you or on your lap; others can care less that you are there. There is one cat that always uses the litter box after I clean it. It's like she's saying, "Thank you for flushing I've been holding it in." My children love the energy of the kittens and teenage cats. It never seizes to amaze me how high and far they can jump. The kittens love string toys, pouncing and climbing. My children love coming with me and loving on the cats. They hope I never stop volunteering there. I'm thankful they love animals too!

Cat Day!

HAPPY Caturday from A Darling Design!